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Tennis Program
We have two beautiful har-tru courts are available for member use. The Casino offers Junior clinics as well as private lessons and each Monday is Ladies Doubles play from 9am to 11am. Round Robin tournaments take place in July and August with prizes awarded at the Sky Farm Tea. Scroll down for more information.

Courts may be reserved in one-hour slots using the system below, and must be held under a member’s name.
Today's Court Reservations
Each day at 10pm electronic signups are frozen for the following day, and a printed signup sheet is posted at the courts for manual signups on the day of play. Please note that you may not reserve through the web on the day of your intended play. Click the ball above to sign up for later this week.

Below are today’s reservations. To reserve a remaining slot for today, please go to the courts and check availability.
West CourtEast Court
8am 8am
8:30am 8:30am
9am 9am
9:30am 9:30am
10am 10am
10:30am 10:30am
11am 11am
11:30am 11:30am
Noon Noon /  * The Casino * 
12:30pm 12:30pm /  * The Casino * 
1pm 1pm
1:30pm 1:30pm /  * The Casino * 
2pm 2pm /  * The Casino * 
2:30pm 2:30pm
3pm 3pm
3:30pm 3:30pm
4pm 4pm
4:30pm 4:30pm
5pm 5pm
5:30pm 5:30pm
6pm 6pm

Junior Clinic Schedule

11:45am to 12:45pm1:30pm to 2:30pm
Monday10/11+ year olds6-9/10 year olds
Tuesday10/11+ year olds6-9/10 year olds
Wednesday10/11+ year olds6-9/10 year olds
Thursday10/11+ year olds6-9/10 year olds
Friday10/11+ year olds6-9/10 year olds

Clinics begin on Tuesday, July 5th and are run on a weekly basis (Monday to Friday). Fees per week are $120/member, $160/non-member and $25 for NH/VH permanent residents.

In order to help us plan for the summer, we would appreciate you filling out a pre-registration form, ideally by May 15, 2021. Sign in to do so.
Our instructors for the 2022 season are A Person and A Person.
Private Lessons
Private lessons may be arranged for players of all ages depending on court and pro availability at the following rates:

LengthStudentsMemberNon-memberPermanent Resident
1 hour1$60$80$40
30 minutes1$35$45$20
1 hour2$80$100$60

In addition, “sparring” lessons (no teaching, just hitting the ball for a good workout) are available for $10 and $5 less than the hourly and half-hourly rates quoted above.

For private lessons or sparring, please contact one of our team of instructors: A Person or A Person.

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