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2021 Ensign Races & Results
Races scheduled:?
Races run:?
August Series
Competitors race throughout August, once or twice a week.See details
A Person1st51st5--0--01st10pts
A Person2nd32nd3--0--02nd6pts
A Person--0--0--01st43rd4pts
A Person--0--02nd22nd23rd4pts
A Person--03rd2--0--05th2pts
A Person3rd2--0DSQ0--05th2pts
July Series
Competitors race throughout July, once or twice a week.See details
A Person3rd21st42nd31st51st14pts
A Person--0--01st52nd32nd8pts
A Person2nd3DNF13rd23rd22nd8pts
A Person1st5--0--0--04th5pts
4th of July Race
The national holiday kicks off the racing season.See details
WinnerA Person in A Boat
DNFA Person in A Boat
Labor Day Race
Generally the season finale, this race pits seasoned wits against each other one last time. This race is scheduled for Monday, August 23rd. This was last won by A Person in 2017.See details
Lewis Ensign Regatta
This regatta pits Ensign sailors against each other for the year’s bragging rights.See details
Pulpit Harbor Race
For pre-Tea madness, the real racers of the club sail from the Casino to Pulpit Harbor.See details
WinnerA Person in A Boat
2ndA Person in A Boat
Round-the-Island Race
A full-afternoon classic, this race around North Haven adds a touch of big-boat racing to the season.See details
WinnerA Person in A Boat
2ndA Person in A Boat
3rdA Person in A Boat
4thA Person in A Boat
5thA Person in A Boat