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Prizes for Last Season (2022)

See the Club Trophy Case

Record Book
Prize2022 Winner
Porch PrizePorch PrizeA Person
Pump PrizePump PrizeA Person
August Series / OptimistA Person
July Series / OptimistA Person
Kent Cove Cup / OptimistKent Cove Cup & cereal bowlA Person
Helmsman Award / 420Helmsman AwardA Person
August Series (Skipper) / 420A Person
August Series (Crew) / 420A Person
July Series (Skipper) / 420A Person
July Series (Crew) / 420A Person
Instructors’ Cup (Skipper) / 420Instructors’ CupA Person
Instructors’ Cup (Crew) / 420Instructors’ LadleA Person
August Series / LaserA Person
July Series / LaserA Person
Dupont Laser RegattaDupont Laser Regatta TrophyA Person
Dinghy Sailor Under 35D-35 PrizeA Person
August Series / DinghyLyle Harrower Tray & PaintingA Person
July Series / DinghyDaland Cup for Cat BoatsA Person
4th of July Race / DinghyJohn Hamlen CupA Person
Bill Stetson Memorial / DinghyBill Stetson Memorial TrophyA Person
Calderwood Rock Race / DinghyRichard Saltonstall Jr. TrophyA Person
Grand Dinghy Race
Labor Day Race / DinghyLabor Day TrophyA Person
Mill River Race / DinghyMill River Race TrophyA Person
Next Cup / DinghyNext Race TrophyA Person
Pulpit Harbor Race / DinghyA Person
August Series / FoxeyeLinc Davis TrophyA Person
July Series / FoxeyeJuly Series Foxeye TrophyA Person
4th of July Race / Foxeye4th of July TrophyA Person
Hurricane Sound Race / FoxeyeA Person
Labor Day Race / FoxeyeLabor Day TrophyA Person
Pulpit Harbor Race / FoxeyeA Person
August Series / EnsignPete Putnam August SeriesA Person
July Series / EnsignA Person
4th of July Race / EnsignA Person
Babbidge Blaster / EnsignA Person
Labor Day Race / EnsignA Person
Lewis Ensign RegattaGeorge Lewis Ensign Regatta TrophyA Person
Pulpit Harbor Race / EnsignA Person
Round-the-Island Race / EnsignA Person
Keego Cup / KnockaboutKeego Cup
Round-the-Island Race / KnockaboutAround the Island Race TrophyA Person
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Club Rules

Adult Private Lessons
Docking Regulations
Dropping off & Picking up Children
Proper Behavior on the Wharf
Proper Clothing & Equipment
Sailing Classes & Tennis Clinics
Scoring Races
Tennis Court Usage
The Swim Test
Visiting Yachtsmen
Youth Races

Adult Private Lessons (updated June ’13)

Adult sailing lessons are held Wednesday aftemoons beginning at 1:00 p.m. They are conducted in a private or semi-private format, no more than four individuals to each instructor, depending on the type of boat being used for the class. You may sign up for adult lessons at one of the Open Houses, or talk to an instructor.

    Docking Regulations (updated June ’14)

    North Haven Casino is for the use of members and their guests only.
    • NO overnight docking except: Outboards under 12’ with stickers may be left overnight on the inner side of the western L-shaped float, with their motors in the down position to avoid damage to other boats. (13’ Whalers are not eligible for docking stickers — they are too big for this area).
    • Rowboats with stickers may be left overnight at the inner rowboat float.
    • Outboards and rowboats should have gunwale guard protection.
    • Outboards and rowboats without valid stickers will be moved to the town dock.
    • All members are urged to put their names on their boats and equipment (oars, lifejackets, etc.) so that we may contact you in an emergency.
    • Kayaks left at the Casino must have stickers and should be stored on the wharf, not the floats.
    • Visiting boats from other yacht clubs are welcome to dock for up to 30 minutes on the windward side of the floats weather permitting. Please do not leave trash at the Casino, carry your trash home!
    • During busy times in August, members are asked to please limit docking to three (3) hours.
    • To avoid crowding, please do not have your rowboat or small outboard put at the floats until you arrive, and arrange to have them removed when you leave for the summer.
    • Powerboats should dock on the windward side of the floats.
    • During the day, outboards should tail off bow-to at the regular floats to minimize congestion.
    • Sailing classes may need occasional dock space priority during class times.

    Dropping off & Picking up Children (updated June ’13)

    This is addressed particularly to the parents of Novices and Beginners. Please do not leave your child at the Casino more than 15 minutes before the start of class. Please pick your child up within l5 minutes of the end of class.
    • If we do not hear to the contrary, we will assume that your child has permission to go downtown after class.
    • We cannot be responsible for students when they are not in class, as instructors have other work to do, and need to eat lunch.

    Membership (updated June ’13)

    (Login to see this.)

    Moorings (updated June ’14)

    The Casino does not have rental moorings. Please call Brown’s Boatyard at (207)-867-4621 if you are seeking moorings in the Thoroughfare. If you see a mooring with the word “Casino” it is for the club committee boat and other club boats. Please do not pick it up.

      Proper Behavior on the Wharf (updated June ’13)

      Please remember that the Casino is used by all members, young and old, and is not the sole domain of sailing class. You need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the Casino and make sure that your child knows them. Please note in particular the life jacket requirement, the diving prohibition, and the statement on supervision. Rarely has discipline been a problem, but we do reserve the right to remove any student from the floats or the program who unduly disrupts the class or other members of the Casino.

        Proper Clothing & Equipment (updated June ’13)

        Please note:
        • Life Jackets- Every student must bring and wear a life jacket. The Casino will not provide one. Vest models such as those made by Omega, Extrasport, and LL Bean (to name only three) are far more comfortable than the standard orange horseshoe types.
        • Clothing- Sailing is a wet sport. Your child should dress with the assumption that he or she will not be dry at the end of class. Students should not wear particularly good clothes. Lastly, there will most probably be many rainy and/or chilly days. Please make sure your child will be warm enough. He or she should bring a rain/wind jacket and a sweater to class every day, no matter what the weather, as extra clothes almost always prove useful.
        • Shoes-Students are required to Wear soft-sole shoes or sandals at Sailing Class and at all times on the dock and floats.
        • Sun Protection - We strongly urge you to protect your child with sunscreen even on cloudy days (SPF of at least 15), a hat, and/or sunglasses.

        Sailing Classes & Tennis Clinics (updated June ’13)

        No one is permitted to take sailing or tennis lessons unless the student or parent (in the case of minor children) have (1) registered, (2) completed the medical form, and (3) signed the liability waiver form, and there are no other previous outstanding charges.
        • Blank forms are available at the Casino, and may be downloaded from the website.
        • Billing is done at the end of the summer. Billing is done by week (Sunday-Saturday), (partial weeks will be billed as full weeks). Checks should not be handed to an instructor.

        Scoring Races (updated June ’13)

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        Tennis Court Usage (updated June ’21)

        The courts are available for the exclusive use of Casino members and their guests; however, guests may only play with their Casino host present.
        • Due to the deteriorated condition of the base for the har-tru surface, please do not sweep the courts after playing until further notice. This is intended to protect the stability of the lines and player safety.
        • A court may be reserved either on-line via the Casino website or, on the day of play, on a sign-up sheet posted on the tennis house door.
        • Reservations are limited to one hour a day per family.
        • Please do not sign up the same hour each day so others can also play at prime time.
        • As a courtesy to other members, if you have signed up and subsequently cannot play, please cancel your reservation either on-line or, if on the day of play, on the sign-up sheet posted at the court.
        • Please be on time for your reservations. If you are more than ten minutes late for your reserved court, your reservation is forfeited.

        The Swim Test (updated June ’13)

        You must provide your own Coast Guard approved life jacket for class. The swim test shows both your child and us that, in the event of a capsize, he or she will be safe in the water until rescued. The test is mandatory and must be passed every year. It will first be administered, rain or shine, at the beginning of July and again at the beginning of August. Students who enroll after these dates will take the test on their first day of class.
        • Novices and Beginners will swim with their life jackets from the ladder to the end of the dock (about 50 yards), and then tread water for five minutes.
        • Intermediate and Advanced sailors will swim without their life jackets to the far float and back (about 100 yards), and then tread water for five minutes. After treading water, they must demonstrate that they can put on their life jackets in the water.
        • As usual, the sailing instructors will lead the swim test by example.
        • All students should bring a towel and a dry change of clothes to the swim test. If, after three class days, a student has still not passed the swim test, he or she will not be allowed to remain in the program. However, in the past, nearly everyone passed on the first attempt. Many even considered it fun!

        Visiting Yachtsmen (updated July ’14)

        Visiting Yachts and members of other yacht clubs may tie up for short periods (30 minutes) depending on if space and the wind and weather permit. The Casino does not have moorings to rent (see above under “moorings”) or launch service. There is no manager, but you may find a sailing instructor if you have questions. Please observe these policies and be aware of the shallow depths alongside at low water.
        • There is no overnight docking permitted, and no services are available.
        • The floats are not designed for berthing larger power or sail cruising vessels but rather for outboards and light craft.
        • Please do not tie up if there is a fresh southwest breeze or other windy conditions. You may dinghy in and tie up.
        • If sailing classes are in session please keep clear of that section of the float, and park compactly and tail off your dinghy.
        • There may be times during the season or time of day when usage is light and longer docking times are feasible. All the above policies apply.
        • If the weather is in doubt, please anchor out and dinghy to the docks.

        Youth Races (updated April ’21)

        Youth races are open to anyone age l6 and under, and are held most Saturday mornings in both 420s and Optimists. There is also a special race for Optimists only, the Kent Cove Cup. (See Casino Calendar). We request that Novices consult the Head Instructor before racing as these races can often prove more frustrating than beneficial for them. Those who intend to race should plan to be at the Casino 60 minutes before race time (9:30 a.m.) so that they have plenty of time to rig and get to the starting line. Please keep in mind that Youth Races are not part of sailing class, and We will not always be able to help every one rig. We urge parents to help their yotmg racers rig. We also encourage parents, siblings, and friends to come out and cheer on their child. You can find out more about youth races by talking with your child’s sailing instructors. Unlike Sailing Class, which will be held regardless of weather, youth races may be cancelled. In the event of poor weather or no wind, please call the Casino after 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning to learn whether or not the race will be held.

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