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420 Racing Class
Monday1pm - 3:30pm
Tuesday1pm - 3:30pm
Wednesday1pm - 3:30pm
Thursday1pm - 3:30pm
420s in 2007
Age Mininum12 years
Weight Mininum100 pounds
The 420 Racing class is the final stage of the sailing program and, deservedly, is the most rigorous and exciting class. Each Saturday, members of the racing class participate in the Midget races. The class focuses on racing intricacies, the use of trapeze harnesses and spinnakers, and adapting tactics to varied wind conditions. There is some sailing in the other twin-sail craft that are found on the island.
  • Sailing in pairs in moderate to heavy wind
  • Other aspects of sailing (pinching, feathering, etc.)
  • Proper use of tell-tales
  • Adjusting all the lines for varying wind conditions (outhaul, boomvang, etc.)
  • Strongly suggested participation in the Saturday races
  • Backwards sailing
  • Rudderless sailing
  • Basic rules for moving quickly
  • Port & Olympic triangles
  • Starting sequence (whistles & basic boat positioning)
  • Basic right-of-way rules (starboard/port, windward/leeward, barging, buoy room)
  • Using a trapeze harness in heavier wind
  • Flying a spinnaker with proficiency
  • Roll-tacking & roll-gybing
  • Performing a dry capsize
  • How and when to do 360s & 720s