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Opti Racing Class
Monday1pm - 3:30pm
Tuesday1pm - 3:30pm
Wednesday1pm - 3:30pm
Thursday1pm - 3:30pm
Age Mininum9 years
Weight Mininum65 pounds
The Opti Racing class reinforces the information learned in the Opti Cruising class and prepares students for the real world of sailing. Instead of meeting in the morning only, Racers convene throughout the week at different times and experience different weather and wind conditions. They learn the basic right-of-way rules, to be used both within the Optimist fleet and as they encounter other boats in the harbor. They are given a brief introduction to racing rules, so that they can participate in the Midget races on Saturdays. Students navigate their vessels for the first time completely on their own.
  • Sailing by oneself in moderately heavy wind
  • Suggested participation in the Saturday races
  • Participating in the Kent Cove Cup
  • How and when to do 360s & 720s
  • Using all the parts of the Optimist (outhaul, boomvang, etc.)
  • How to cope with wind (hiking with the extension tiller, ease-hike-trim)
  • Basic rules for moving quickly (daggerboard up downwind, “flat boat is fast boat”)
  • Port & Olympic triangles
  • Starting sequence (whistles & basic boat positioning)
  • Basic right-of-way rules (starboard/port, windward/leeward, barging, buoy room)
  • Proper use of tell-tales