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Opti Cruising Class
Monday9am - 11:30am
Tuesday9am - 11:30am
Wednesday9am - 11:30am
Thursday9am - 11:30am
The North Haven Fleet at the Kent Cove Cup
Age Mininum7 years
Weight Mininum50 pounds
The Opti Cruising class provides a comfortable environment for completely inexperienced or very young sailors to learn the basics of the sport. The class meets regularly in the morning (when the wind and the seas are at their calmest) and the young buckaroos that fill its ranks sail in pairs in boats that are virtually impossible to tip over. A strong emphasis is placed on learning the parts of a sailing boat, the amount of trim that the sail needs when the wind is coming from a given direction, and the simple tricks to keeping a sailboat headed on a straight course - in other words, knowledge that is essential to sailing in any boat and upon which all subsequent sailing classes will draw.
  • Parts of the boat
  • Knots: bowline, 8-knot, square knot
  • The Safety Position
  • Landing the boat at the dock
  • Locating the wind direction
  • Tacking & gybing
  • Keeping the boat flat
  • Rigging & de-rigging
  • Proper sail trim on the water
  • Beating upwind
  • Steering straight
  • Weight placement (how to properly sit in the boat)
  • Sailing in pairs
  • Points of Sail
  • Learning to skipper